Top 6 Technique write proper blog title

Top 6 Technique write proper blog title

A blogger is writing a very good blog. Regularly uploading it also. Many are congrats him. But it is not reaching to a large number of readers. The blog is very important, whether the reader is reading or its rank.

People will read and write well on blogs, when the articles on the blog articles will be written very interestingly. An excellent title will drag many unknown readers into writing. Because of this, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when writing a great title.

How big is the title, how many words can be used, what words are to be avoided and how much it matches the main content should be kept in mind. By complying with these things, it will be very easy to write a formula for writing titles – which will help you write your attractive headline.

Top 6 Technique write a proper blog title

  1. Start with the effective title:

A functional title will be absolutely specific. This will help you to create a single blog post. For example, you can create many effective titles from the healthy growing of children. For example,

  • How proper nutrition strengthens your baby’s bones
  • Parents should do their children’s behavioral education
  • Recipe for fun for children

Here, each title is different from one to another. But the main content is child health. Each of these can be effective title. These are specific and enough to write blog posts. After that, they will have to click and search freely by different strategies.

Exclude the words and adjectives in the headline.

Quantum writing becomes very difficult, whenever you are trying to trick there. If an article is written in such a way that it is said that 10 bets companies are Facebook’s viral that they do not need a separate marketing channel. So many people click on this link.

But before that you must be sure, the news is true. If you want to use the brackets next to the title and write some words that refine the original content. For info graphic articles such as the infrared info graphics can be used in front of tight.


  1. Write in rhythm

Blog post title can match the rhythm. It encourages the reader to read the matter.

  • Use strong language
  • Use good proverbs or phrases.
  • Enter the picture that is clear

Adding a picture to the post gives the article different dimensions. The medium of the film can be expressed a lot. If the importance of the picture is important in the picture then tactically titled.

Various studies have shown that this technique works out to 37% more than any other title.

write a proper blog title

  1. Write briefly Tittle

Do not write more than 70 characters in the title to keep the post in good rank. If you type more, your title will be cut off by the search engine.

According to the Hub Spot research, the titles / headlines that have received more shares in average 8-12 words on Twitter The headline 12-14 words that most likes Facebook on Facebook In addition, the eight titles used in the headline are 21% effective compared to others.


  1. Search and Try optimizing social media

Always try to optimize your vein. That’s normal. But at the same time if you try to optimize the search, it will be better.

In this case, try to focus on those keywords, which people search for horoscope. Search volume for keywords can help.

  1. Make brainstorm

Follow the tips above and try to write a great headline in a low sound according to the content. He came to mind and published it online and published – it is not an example of good work. Headline to write a head.

Before finishing the publication Brainstorming. Adding different words in the same title, turning around and seeing what sounds good and looks good. Try to pick the right ward, which is more than that.

  1. Discuss with others

If the desired title is final, you can discuss it with a colleague next. You can take his opinion. You can talk to your friend staying online. The secret group can also be discussed in a one-off schedule for making work online. Everybody’s suggestion will be made a great title which will be widely hit on the blog.


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